Software Solution for Packet Capture

Packet Capture for a Hybrid Environment

Packet capture is at the core of understanding how network resources are being consumed and utilized. Security, planning, engineering and operations teams need access to detailed data from the network to be able to dissect and troubleshoot security intrusions, data breaches, issues related to network performance and perform forensic discovery.

The importance of real-time packet capture and storage is only amplified in a totally connected world. Stringent corporate governance and compliance regulations demand regular delivery of detailed data audits. The threat of security attacks from any device or any location around the world require fail-safe, real time monitoring and reporting.

Wire-speed packet capture and accurate data retrieval in today’s networks, where connections range from 1Gbps to 100Gbps and traffic increases exponentially over time, requires a flexible solution that adapts to network changes. Cirries Packet Capture is a software solution that meets requirements of hybrid networks.

Cirries Software Solution

Cirries Packet Capture is a software-based solution that supports packet capture at rates up to 100Gbps. It delivers the packet details essential for forensic analysis in security operations, for troubleshooting network anomalies, and for other investigative network operations.

Cirries Packet Capture can be deployed on virtual machines, in the Cloud and on standard hardware. It easily and cost-effectively scales with network growth to deliver complete packets for detailed forensics or aggregation. Upgrading with growth is made easy and efficient through Cirries built in licensing renewal controls.

A flow generation feature produces NetFlow or IPFIX records from streaming packets at up to 18 million flows per second. With the ability for complete network traffic characterization, Cirries Packet Capture is the most comprehensive raw packet collector and flow generator engine on the market.

Raw Packet Manager

The Raw Packet Manager captures full-sized network packets for a live network interface and writes them to files without packet loss. It can collect all packets in the network, timestamp each packet, convert them to PCAP file format, and either deliver to another application or write them to a disk for access by time and other indices.

Flow Generator

The Flow Generator generates IPFIX or NetFlow records from the packet information collected by the packet manager.

Generates up to 18 million flows per second.

PacketPoint 2002-PCW
1U: 2x10G ports
12TB Storage

PacketPoint 2020-PCW
2U: 4x10G ports
192TB Storage

PacketPoint 2040-PCW
2U: 4x10G ports
$300TB Storage

Price includes full solution

Corvil 6400
1U:2x10G ports


Corvil 6459
1U: 4x10G ports


Corvil 7459
2U: 4x10G ports

Price includes full solution

Infinistream 2990
1U:2x10G ports


Infinistream 4995
2U: 4x10G ports


Infinistream 7995
3U: 4x10G ports

Price includes full solution


SteelCentral 5100
4U: 2x10G ports


SteelCentral 6000
5U: 2x10G ports

Price includes full solution

1U: 2x10G ports


2U: 2x10G ports


2U: 4x10G ports

Price includes full solution

*Total cost of ownership with perpetual software license option (over 5 years)


The most comprehensive raw packet collector and flow generator engine on the market

Guaranteed capture and recording up to 100 Gbps

Includes: Raw Packet Manager, Flow Generator, Element Manager

Software easily deployed on hardware, virtual machine or in the cloud

User friendly web-based element manager

Aggregates raw packet traffic into flow records


Cirries unleashes the full value and potential of any kind of network for full visibility in real-­time with our high performance, extremely adaptable platform. For over twelve years Cirries has provided data solutions to customers worldwide enabling increased network efficiency. The company is based in Richardson, Texas with offices in Bolivia, Mexico, and India.