Compliance with regulatory and legal reporting requirements is more important now than ever. Lack of accountability and transparency can be costly and ultimately harm your corporate image. Compliance applications and systems are essential tools to manage these requirements and ensure compliance tasks are being completed.

For optimal performance, these tools need access to the necessary date quickly to meet the demands of compliance. If you miss data points or drop packets in collection, you could easily be out of compliance.

Increase your compliance control, policy management effectiveness, and risk management transparency with complete capture of necessary data.

Cirries data mediation platform is the solution to provide the necessary data you need to enable compliance. We can extract data with unparalleled speed from the entire network. We examine the data, filtering, correlating, aggregating and translating it for optimal use by any application. 

Cirries software solution is designed for any network, on-premise, virtual, Cloud or hybrid. 

Our data mediation platform is the solution to efficiently deliver all the data you need for compliance without fault. We can extract data with unparalleled speed from the entire network. 


Ensure total performance management with data clarity

Packet Capture

Lossless packet capture that can access all network data. All captured packets are timestamped, converted to PCAP file format, and then written to a disk for access by time and other indices.

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Metadata Optimizer

Software-based metadata capture easily deployed on COTS, virtual machine or cloud. Flow Generator generates IPFIX or NetFlow records.

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Virtual Packet Broker

Deliver data to cloud-based applications without leaving the cloud. Meet the demands of any application with adaptable data capture capability for any network capacity.

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Streaming Analytics

Real-time streaming analytics of original network data yields real-time intelligence into all network events and activities, for fast discovery and efficient reporting.

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Cost Effective

With IP traffic continuing to grow exponentially, a software solution is essential to enable the immediate response required to circumvent security breaches, to meet the needs of customers and for the efficiency required in today’s competitive markets

A Software Solution

All Cirries products are software-based solutions that gives network operators the ability to capture raw packets up to 100 Gbps, providing essential packet data for forensic discovery essential for security, operational and other investigative network operations. Cirries delivers data using our software-based solutions eliminating expensive end-of-life intrinsic to hardware options for packet capture. Software upgrades are made with less invasive upgrades and far more efficient license renewal.