Cirries Technologies, Inc., began in 2006 to address the need for disparate networks to communicate, and to allow any network to access any application.

The company is based in Richardson, Texas with offices in Bolivia, Mexico and India. Cirries’ initial market was primarily voice-multimedia networks operated by telecommunications carriers and service providers. Its product: a powerful real-time communications network engine that made any generation of service or application run over any generation of network. The advent of smart phones, other mobile devices, and Internet-connected machines transformed Cirries’ market. Cirries responded by expanding capabilities to facilitate data-in-motion capture.

A capacity for real-time data capture is the basis of Cirries Applications and Cirries Point Platform which is a software-based solution for real-time capture of network data. From raw packet capture to aggregated flows, Cirries captures network to enable real-time visualization and analytics as well as forensics necessary for network security, operations and anomaly analytics.

Today, Cirries products enable the full value and potential of any kind of network, whether operated by carriers, service providers, or enterprises. Capable of processing extremely high volume, high velocity network data to monitor, report and manage network functions on the market, Cirries platform out performs the market in performance and price.

Cirries Point Platform and Cirries Applications enable a holistic view of the network providing network operator with real-time analytics, accurate forensics and the ability to improve network operation and efficiency.

Cirries maintains a strict focus on its core competency while maximizing revenue potential. As a software solution on COTS hardware, Cirries works to enable improved network function regardless of existing hardware.

The latest innovation of Cirries Virtual Packet Broker has brought real-time, lossless data delivery to virtual and hybrid networks. When combined with high volume capacity, this makes Cirries the most efficient data capture solution on the market.


Cirries unleashes the full value and potential of any kind of network for full visibility in real-­time with our high performance, extremely adaptable platform. For over twelve years Cirries has provided data solutions to customers worldwide enabling increased network efficiency. The company is based in Richardson, Texas with offices in Bolivia, Mexico, and India.