Identification & Resolution of Degradations


Blind spots are network managers’ and IT analysts’ worse nightmare. Traffic spikes keep them from seeing what is happening inside their networks. Before DART, finding and resolving network anomalies required costly manual effort and lots of time, leaving networks exposed and boosting operating costs.

Without a complete copy of network activity, it is tough to investigate problems fast and accurately. It’s impossible to prevent the problem from happening in the future. Achieving network excellence is also impossible.

With DART, any network anomaly is instantly visible and known to network and IT teams. DART achieves this by harnessing workflow services to create forensics (PCAP files) and probe external routers or network devices.


When an anomaly or defect occurs in the network, DART detects it and instantly triggers an automated workflow investigation. This includes an alarm email to the NOC/SOC manager with a suggested resolution.

Further, the DART workflow automation engine helps network teams set up and automate routine maintenance and troubleshooting tasks, significantly cutting mean time to resolution. DART also records every executed workflow for future audits to detect patterns and trends.