Usage Monitoring


Enterprises face a big challenge trying to track bandwidth usage in today’s ultra-complex networks scattered between the cloud and on premises.

Without full network visibility, enterprises also have a hard time locating issues with network bandwidth consumption. This means it takes longer and costs more to fix network issues.

Cirries Data Analysis in Real Time (DART) cuts the time and costs of finding and fixing network problems. DART keeps constant watch on network bandwidth usage across the entire enterprise. This includes how much capacity every user and all applications are consuming.


DART provides network and IT teams with constant, vital information on the amount of network bandwidth in use, including the top ten applications and top talkers. It gives the team complete visibility into how the network is consuming bandwidth at any given moment.

DART is even able to track bandwidth usage by device, applications, and users. It correlates all three, and understands the bandwidth consumption to ensure it remains optimal.

If DART spots a bandwidth anomaly of any kind, it immediately notifies the network and IT team. Since this is in real-time, enterprises can take instant action to restore the high quality user experience.