Increasing network complexity is the reality. Growing dependence on your network for business success is a given. The overwhelming increase in data is not going away.

You need more than visibility of your network to excel. You need fast access to security risks, operational performance and compliance information. You don’t have time to hunt for the data you need right now. Revealing your network, regardless of complexity is the clarity we deliver by enabling optimal use of your network applications. We deliver network clarity.


Cirries offers a range of products to deliver the total network clarity necessary to enable effective operation of security and network monitoring tools in high performance networks. Cirries products are implemented in-line, or off-line, to simplify the acquisition and distribution of network data to the variety of tools used by network security, planning, engineering, operations and marketing teams.

Operating as an intermediary software component, each Cirries product processes traffic and distributes the information to the tools that deliver Security, Performance Management, Compliance and Analytics solutions. Features like filtering, aggregating, replicating, stripping, flow-generating, load balancing and more—at up to 100 Gbps rates – enable our products to deliver the correct data in the right format to the appropriate destination faster than a speeding bullet. The end result? More efficient and cost-effective use of resources, reduced operating costs and improved ROI for network visibility tools.


High-speed networks require an approach that is more easily scalable. Flow export, in which packets are aggregated into flows is the passive solution to meet the needs of high performance networks. These flows can be filtered and exported for storage and analysis in real-time or over a longer observation period to determine trends and anomalies.

Deeper forensic analysis requires total packet capture. Cirries products reveal data-in- motion, from raw packet capture to aggregated flows, enabling a holistic overview of network operations.


Cirries’ core technology is the engine that enables the power of network data with real-time capture and aggregation of data-in-motion. This is the engine of our software solutions that work with any network data to deliver the necessary data to any application or storage. Cirries products deliver data-in-motion in real-time for actionable analytics, security, forensics by any data application through open API.

Cirries components work with raw packet traffic, flow records and signaling protocols to enable network visibility, analytics and interoperability. A holistic view of the total network is then available for observation, anomalies analysis and trends which can be used to make any network more efficient.


About Cirries products and how you can harness the power of data for higher network function for operational success:

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metadata optimizer
virtual packet broker
streaming analytics

Cirries unleashes the full value and potential of any kind of network for full visibility in real-­time with our high performance, extremely adaptable platform. For over twelve years Cirries has provided data solutions to customers worldwide enabling increased network efficiency. The company is based in Richardson, Texas with offices in Bolivia, Mexico, and India.