Metadata can tell enterprises a great deal about their networks. Knowing precisely what network metadata reveals in real time is critical to network excellence.

Uncover that network metadata fast with MetaPoint. This DART tool collects and summarizes flow data, syslog, SNMP, and other metadata at up to 2 million records per second.

MetaPoint snatches metadata from PacketPoint or other flow generation routers. It then stores those flow records and transmits summary information to the DART Performance Center for network analytics.

Is someone hogging too much bandwidth? Are unauthorized users tapping into the network? Are there traffic bottlenecks? Where are they? MetaPoint delivers all those metadata details right now for analysis and action.


MetaPoint builds a metadata library over time for deeper analysis of traffic trends and network anomalies. DART allows service providers and enterprises to customize their MetaPoint alerts and workflows to compile exactly the historical metadata records they require.