Defend the Entire Network

Uncover Data To Minimize Risk

Network complexity and ever-burgeoning data have created a security nightmare. Hybrid network environments require security complexity that has left wide open holes for malicious activity. In most cases, the security application is working – it just doesn’t have access to the data it needs to protect the network. You can defend what you can’t see.

The risk for your business is tremendous. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average total cost of a data breach in 2017 was $3.62 million. Lost business, value of lost records and post breach costs factor into this cost but it is the time it takes identify and contain a data breach that can lower this cost.

Faster Detection Minimizes Risk and Cost

The faster the data breach can be identified and contained, the lower the cost. Verizon reports in their recent report that 68 percent of data breaches go undetected for months. The longer the breach is undetected the greater the risk. The route to faster detection is to make certain the necessary data is delivered to your security applications.

Cirries data mediation platform is the solution to close data holes and provide faster detection. We can extract data with unparalleled speed from the entire network. We examine the data, filtering, correlating, aggregating and translating it for optimal use by any application.

  • FAST DETECTION – Fastest, most cost-effect data mediation solution.
  • FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT – Software operates on COTS, virtual machine and the cloud.
  • STORAGE – Indexed storage available for easy retrieval.


Enable optimal security by eliminating blind spots

Packet Capture

Software-based packet capture collects all packets in the network, timestamps packets, converts them to PCAP file format, then writes them to a disk for access by time and other indices.


Metadata Optimizer

Software-based metadata capture easily deployed on COTS, virtual machine or cloud. Flow Generator generates IPFIX or NetFlow records.                                                             


Virtual Packet Broker

Deliver your data to cloud-based applications without leaving the cloud. Meeting the dynamic demands of any application with flexible network capacity that adapts.                       


Streaming Analytics

Real-time streaming analytics of original network data yields instant intelligence into all network events and activities, for fast discovery and efficient reporting.                                         


Cost Effective

With IP traffic continuing to grow exponentially, a software solution is essential to enable the immediate response required to circumvent security breaches, to meet the needs of customers and for the efficiency required in today’s competitive markets.

A Software Solution

All Cirries products are software-based solutions that gives network operators the ability to capture raw packets up to 100 Gbps, providing essential packet data for forensic discovery essential for security, operational and other investigative network operations. Cirries delivers data using our software-based solutions eliminating expensive end-of-life intrinsic to hardware options for packet capture. Software upgrades are made with less invasive upgrades and far more efficient license renewal.                                                                            


Cirries unleashes the full value and potential of any kind of network for full visibility in real-­time with our high performance, extremely adaptable platform. For over twelve years Cirries has provided data solutions to customers worldwide enabling increased network efficiency. The company is based in Richardson, Texas with offices in Bolivia, Mexico, and India.