DART: Make the Most of Network Virtualization’s Advantages

Not all network monitoring software is the same.

Virtualization brings far greater flexibility and true cost savings to building and operating today’s multimedia networks. Gone are the days of expensive proprietary hardware that slows innovation and network evolution.

Virtualization is the fulcrum of Software Defined Networking (SDN) which allows the power to intelligently control the network using software. Network control can be separated from network infrastructure and physical devices, allowing network operators to define, manage and control logical networks dynamically. SD-WAN is SDN principles applied to Wide Area Networks.

NFV, are network functions performed at all the levels of the network – access, distribution and the core. These functions process, shape, filter and forward network traffic as if traverses the network. This movement to virtualization creates its own set of issues in monitoring network performance.

In the case of SD-WAN it difficult to pinpoint the location or cause of performance degradation, whether it is in the virtual function or network element. For true end user quality of experience (QoE), network operators need full visibility into the physical and/or the virtual network, the SD-WAN overlay, and all applications.

That calls for DART — comprehensive network monitoring for SD-WAN enabled networks. DART’s capabilities include:

  • Complete network visibility with artificial intelligence to correlate the data and ensure QoE.
  • Packet level visibility to enable monitoring teams to understand who is experiencing a network issue, where the issue lies, and the issue’s cause.
  • Reports on network latency, jitter, and application response.
  • At-a-glance reports on top users and top applications by traffic, latency/response, and/or MOS score, including video
  • Automatic investigation of network anomalies using workflows with a recommendation.

The best network monitoring solution is able to process raw packets and create metadata representing each session in the network.  Evaluation of each session against rules that generate alerts is used to automatically investigate anomalies via a powerful workflow engine.

DART does all that and more to help you achieve and maintain network excellence.

Thanks to the complexities of 5G, comprehensive network performance monitoring is essential.

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