Private or Public 5G?

Either Way, DART Helps Enterprises Attain 5G Network Excellence

Among the many advantages of 5G networking, this technology makes it possible for enterprises to lease their own spectrum and operate a private network.

If that is not practical, multiple organizations can cooperate to run a private 5G network, which can be sliced to give each participant a fully private portion of the network. Another alternative: an enterprise teams with a carrier service provider to run the organization’s 5G network.

With 5G just beginning to roll out, most enterprises are looking at the technology to decide how to fit it into their networking and business operations. The majority of organizations most likely will run some blend of 5G and earlier technologies in their networks for some time.

Thanks to the complexities of 5G, comprehensive network performance monitoring is essential.

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But no matter where your enterprise is on its 5G journey, you need data analysis in real time (DART) to attain and maintain network excellence.

Network excellence is the key to success for any generation of network, blend of network generations, or mix of public-private networks.

Because of the complexities of 5G, comprehensive network performance monitoring is no longer an option or afterthought.

Entirely virtual, DART consists of unique, next-gen network tools for monitoring, securing, and traffic engineering 5G (and any) networks to guarantee the best user experience imaginable.

DART helps maximize network uptime and overall network performance. DART evolves continually, eliminating any chance of future hardware obsolescence.

A more technical overview of DART is available here.

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