Application transactions pass through a complex tiered network structure.

This includes LANs and WANs, DNS, and load balancers. In addition, this dynamic network infrastructure spans legacy, virtual, and cloud configurations. Together, these factors make it tough to know network trends, who is using what application, and the application response time.

DART helps network and IT team members understand the geography of their network and application flows, where usage is high, when response time is long, and when voice and video sessions are poor quality.

DART follows all network flows and application transactions, north-south and east-west traffic between data centers and virtual machines, including websites on the internet and SaaS applications running on public cloud. If there is an application not meeting the desired performance level, DART notifies the network and IT teams.

With a simple click, team members are able to determine where the issues are located, who is impacted the greatest, and the length of time they have experienced poor application performance.

Thanks to the complexities of 5G, comprehensive network performance monitoring is essential.

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