A network with a high-quality user experience (QoE) is critical to enterprise productivity.

No one wants to waste time on slow or not working applications, or in video conferences with fuzzy pictures or sound.

High user QoE is a hallmark of network excellence. To attain it, enterprises must get to know their networks.

DART (Data Analysis in Real Time) makes that possible. DART is holistic network performance monitoring software. DART provides complete visibility across physical, virtual, software-defined, and cloud networks.

DART analyzes all network traffic and all application transactions in real time. It produces hundreds of detailed metrics on voice, video and application performance. DART detects network bottlenecks, application latency, and web application issues.

Every second of every day, DART lets network and IT teams know about any user experiencing poor network performance. DART automatically monitors and displays these metrics. If it detects poor QoE, DART automatically notifies the network and IT teams, provides the expected cause of the network or application issue, and suggests a resolution plan.

Thanks to the complexities of 5G, comprehensive network performance monitoring is essential.

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