Enterprises need to know how their network is performing every minute of every day. This information is vital to find and fix problems and keep their networks secure. It is also crucial to attain the level of network excellence that cuts operating costs and boosts business efficiency.

Networks these days are a mix of legacy, virtual, and cloud technologies. This complexity poses a big challenge to network/IT teams. What are network trends? Who is using what application? How is the application response time? Which area of the network is experiencing unacceptable performance?

DART gives network and IT teams answers fast. It helps them understand the geography of their network and application flows. Where usage is high. When response time is long. When voice and video sessions are experiencing poor quality.

When errors arise in the network, recognizing and locating them quickly is a big, often confusing task. Doing so can make all the difference between network excellence or a network that is vulnerable and not performing as it should.

DART’s performance analytics gives network/IT analysts and cyber security analysts the tools they need to determine the location and type of network issue(s) as it is happening, not weeks or even months laterAnd Cirries is always adding more performance metrics to DART.

The type of network problem often isn’t clear. It could be congested traffic. Too many retransmissions. Too much fragmentation. Network or application latency. Jitter. MOS score. And more. On top of that, each kind of issue can have multiple sources. As just one example, overloaded routers might be causing network congestion. Or the issue could be links that are bandwidth undersized. Or an abusive source IP address sending massive amounts of packets.

But DART’s performance analytics takes the guesswork out of figuring out the location and source of snafus. DART leaves network/IT teams free to take corrective action to keep the network performing at its peak.

Thanks to the complexities of 5G, comprehensive network performance monitoring is essential.

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