Enabling Rapid Insight


The hybridization of business network infrastructures creates opportunities for new customer services and revenue streams, while realizing business-wide operational efficiencies. A strong foundation for delivering comprehensive, accurate intelligence on network usage, behavior and performance is essential to ensuring the customer experience, addressing reporting requirements and expanding business opportunity.

Cirries products process network data in a variety of formats, from raw packets, aggregated flows, device logs, and other metadata exports to be able to deliver the information needed for forensic discovery, incidence response and specialized reporting. 

Cirries’ products collect and correlate network data from multiple sources in real time to deliver the right data in the right format to the right destination – whether to a dashboard for immediate visualization, or to an API for delivery to 3rd party analytics tool, or to trigger Cirries automated workflow application to perform further diagnostics and remediation.

Intelligent Reporting

Real-time streaming analytics of original network data yields instant intelligence into all network events and activities, for fast discovery and efficient reporting.

  • Network degradation and failures, with early detection of network abnormalities
  • Unusual usage patterns through recognition of customer behavior and other activity
  • Misconfiguration with identification of configuration weakness that affect performance
  • Policy abuse by recognizing malicious activity related to insider breaches
  • Security incidents with visibility into anomalous network activity
  • Data storage status through storable event logs that detail statistics, alarms, as well as command and event logs

A Scalable Solution

With ongoing cloud adoption and increasing volumes of network traffic, adaptability and scalability become paramount. Similarly, as the amount of available metadata expands along with the number of flows, cost efficient performance growth is also important. Cirries products are designed to support millions of traffic flows per second, while processing and storing massive GBytes of data for immediate reporting and historical analysis.

Visibility Across Virtual and Physical Environments

Cirries products operate across both physical and virtual environments to provide a holistic view of network operations that eliminates blind spots and ensure 100% traffic visibility.

Streaming Analytics

Cirries products perform real-time collection and correlation network-related data with metadata from various network devices and locations to provide detailed real-time recording of incidents. Support of a time-series database with rapid indexing, filtering and retrieval enables deep insight into network usage and performance.


As hybrid networks become more and more integral to business, unique analysis and reporting requirements will likely emerge. Cirries software is designed to accommodate rapidly evolving needs through easy configuration of software widgets and quick turn-around of custom reporting features.

Optimizing network performance and maximizing efficiencies requires true end-to-end visibility. Cirries delivers all of this and more.


Real-time data for instant intelligence

User-friendly web-based dashboard

Secure and simultaneous access by different teams

Real-time visualization of network events

Rule-based real-time alerts

Customizable automated workflows – for reduced Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)

Cost-effective scaling with network growth

Custom reports and notifications for early detection of breaches and anomalies

Integration with existing tools through Standard APIs


Cirries unleashes the full value and potential of any kind of network for full visibility in real-­time with our high performance, extremely adaptable platform. For over twelve years Cirries has provided data solutions to customers worldwide enabling increased network efficiency. The company is based in Richardson, Texas with offices in Bolivia, Mexico, and India.